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No Gas,

No Worries

Fix all of your problems by subscribing to our subscription service!

Meet Our Team

Our CEO Kathryn runs our company. Kathryn is in charge of making sure that our business is running efficiently. We have Lilly, VP of Operations who checks in with each department head and reports to our CEO. Lilly works closely with the marketing department to contact other VE companies and update our website. We also have all of our department heads who are in charge of running their department. Our goal at InstaFuel is to give our customers the best experience they can have. 


Learn How We Try to Keep our Company Environmentally Friendly!

"The future of modernity has arrived. The establishment of InstaFuel will officially initiate a new era of worldwide transportation proficiency."

- Ben Epting (Founder)

"We are excited that you are interested in being apart of our company. Here at InstaFuel we value the convenience and satisfaction of our customers. We are ready to fulfill your fueling needs!"

- Kathryn Bishop 


"Our company prides itself on efficiency. We do everything we can to make sure that our customers get the best quality service in the most efficient way."  

- Lilly Miller

(VP of Operations)

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